Thursday, October 28, 2010

What are the Qualifications for Commercial Drivers or Operators?

Part 398.3 in Code of Federal Regulations and link:
  • Compliance:  requires every motor carrier and it's representatives to be familiar and compliant with Part 398.
  • Minimum physical requirements for drivers include:  no loss or impairement of an extremity that is likely to interfere with safe driving.
  • Eyesight:  20/40 acuity each eye with or without corrective lenses, field of vision of at least 140 horizontally, ability to distinguish colors red, green and yellow.  Drivers requiring correction must wear their glasses at all times when driving.
  • Hearing:  not less than 10/20 in better ear for conversational tones without a hearing aid.
  • Drug Narcotics and Alcohol:  no addiction to drugs or narcotics and no excessive use of alcohol.
  • Physical examination(initial and periodic):  Driver not permitted and motor carrier not permitted to allow a driver to drive unless a physical examination performed by a licensed doctor of medicine or osteopathy is done within the last 36 months.  Motor carrier should retain the medical certificate or a copy of it in it's file and driver should carry it with him at all times.
  • Minimum age and experience requirements:  minimum age is 21years and experience driving some type of motor vehicle including private automobiles for not less than a year throughout all four seasons and be knowledgable of the regulations and rules in this part  pertaining to driving.  Driver's Permit is also required, qualifying driver to operate vehicle driven by him in his jurisdiction.
  • Knoledge of English:  Every driver is required to be able to read and speak English sufficient to understand highway traffic signs and signals and directions in English and to respond to official inquiries.

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